Thursday, 17 May 2007

The BANKSY bandwagon

In recent months the press has been inundated with stories about BANKSY, the "graffiti"/"street artist". These include reports of his "art" selling for literally hundreds of thousands of pounds,and more ridiculously, to celebrity customers like Brad Pitt. BANKSY hysteria has swept the world and everyone and their grandmother seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Even local councils have come under fire for removing his work. Unbelievable. Was his work not conducted illegaly on public and private property? Does that not make him guilty of criminal damage? Apparently being the new darling of the moronically whimsical art world exempts you from such laws. So, while BANKSY is canonised by the art community and pseudo-hip celebrity world, real graffiti writers (who generally have very little respect for BANKSY)continue to be arrested, fined, locked up and demonised. Bravo!
BANKSY's website.
BANKSY wikipedia entry.
Banksy painted over.

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