Wednesday, 28 February 2007

New pics from west London

Tags by FLASH and OZONE who recently died in a tragic accident in a Barking tube yard.



Inquiry into death of two writers

Two writers died this January, hit by a speeding tube train whilst evading security in Barking train depot. An inquiry has been launched into the deaths of the two known as WANTS and OZONE, BTP have denied any wrong doing. All over London fellow writers have been paying their respects with R.I.P tags on walls and trains around the city.
Here is the Guardian article published following the incident:
and news of the inquiry:

Arrests in London, UK

The past few weeks have seen a string of arrests in the Loughton and Ealing areas of Greater London. A new intitiative called "Operation BusTag" has lead to an alleged 571 arrests since April. Increasingly, arrests for vandalism have lead to the conviction of suspects for other offences, mostly minor, including possesion of cannabis. This only helps to feed the idea proposed by the BTP and Home Office that graffiti is somehow a "gateway" crime which will inevitably lead to more serious offenses such as drug trafficking.
Follow these links to read the full articles:
Ealing Times and

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Forced removal

The city of London in Canada is undertaking a new scheme which is practised in Toronto and many cities in the U.S.A. whereby property owners are obliged to remove graffiti from their buildings or face fines. If it isn't removed in time it will be done by the council and the owners will have to pay the bill. Full article